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Under dhimmitude, Muslim superiority was expressed through numerous ways, including laws that established what colors, clothing, hats or badges non-Muslims were required to wear.
Christians and Jews were sometimes physically branded.

The First Crusade was the result of Turks murdering and torturing Christians.

The Barbary States captured American ships and enslaved the crews.

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The yellow badge (or yellow p9atch), also referred to as a Jewish badge, was a cloth patch that Jews were ordered to sew on their outer garments in order to mark them as Jews in public.

Under Dhimmitude, the Islamic system of governing non-Muslim populations and their interactions with Muslims, Muslim superiority was expressed through numerous ways, including laws that established what colors, clothing or hats they were permitted or not permitted to wear.
In Islamic orthodoxy, the use of distinctive clothing or marks for Jewish and other religious communities can be traced back to the Pact of Umar (637 AD.
In the early Islamic period, non-Muslims were required to wear distinctive marks in public, such as metal seals fixed around their necks. The practice of physically branding Jews and Christians appears to have been begun in early medieval Baghdad and was considered highly degrading.

Christians and Jews were forced to wear special emblems on their clothes. The yellow badge was first introduced by a caliph in Baghdad in the 9th century. In 1005 the Jews of Egypt were ordered to wear bells on their garments.

Al-Rashid permitted Christians and Jews who paid the jizya tax to practice their religion, but in 807 issued a decree that Jews must wear a yellow belt and that Christians must wear a blue belt.

Muslim treatment of Christians prior to the First Crusade is explained in the video

Muslim Spain was not a tolerant multicultural pluralistic society. Although there was one instance in Grenada of 2 Jews being appointed to positions of authority over Muslims, this was immediately followed by the Muslims rioting in the year 1066 and destroying the Muslim quarter of Grenada.
The 2 Jews were assassinated and 5000 Jews in Grenada were murdered because the entire Jewish community was held responsible for the 2 Jews having violated the terms of the “contract of dhimmitude” requiring Jews (and often Christians) to be subservient to Muslims.

Treatment of Christians and Jews is explained in this video  

Some shariah law scholars condoned the practice of throwing non-Muslims overboard to make a ship float higher in the water if a dangerous storm were approaching that might submerge the ship.

In the late 1700’s the Barbary states captured American ships and enslaved the crews.  

Hindus living under Islamic rule in India were often forced to wear yellow badges as well.

This practice was again revived most recently in the Islamic world, where in 2001, Afghanistan’s Hindus were required by the Taliban to wear yellow badges.

Image by Rama, via Wikimedia Commons.
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