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Quran verse 21:32 is about angels preventing jinn from entering heaven. Bijan Moeinian mistranslated that verse as describing the ozone layer protecting the Earth.
Hadiths quote the prophet Mohammed as saying mend clothing instead of throwing it away, plant fruit trees, and do not waste water.
Mohammed said do not urinate in the supply of drinking water.
Quran verse 13:41 is about reducing the amount of land governed by non-Muslims. The verse is not about rising sea levels reducing the amount of land.

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the ozone layer

In 1930, Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall correctly translated Quran verse 21:32 as “And we have made the sky a roof withheld (from them). Yet they turn away from its portents”. The verse is about angels throwing stars at jinn to prevent jimn from listening to angels on the roof of the lowest heaven talk about what Allah told them about the future.

In the year 2000, Bijan Moeinian mistranslated that verse 21:32 as saying the roof/ceiling was the ozone layer guarding the Earth from “life killing rays of sun”.
Edip Yüksel claimed in his footnote that if the verse refers to the atmosphere then it is about the atmosphere protecting us from rays, meteorites, and temperature extremes.

The prophet Mohammed said do not waste water, There is a story of him giving water to a thirsty dog by transferring water from his mouth to the mouth of a dog. [But there is also a story of him ordering the killing of all dogs except guard dogs and shepherd dogs.]
Hadiths quote him as saying plant fruit trees and crops so men, birds and animals may eat.  
Mohammed said do not defecate where people walk or sit, and do not urinate in the supply of drinking water. [The early followers of Mohammed were so barbaric they needed to be told this?]
Mohammed said to repair clothing rather than throwing away old clothing.

Al-Muntakhab and also The Study Quran correctly interpreted Quran verse 13:41 as reducing the amount of land governed by non-Muslims.
Quran verse 24:40 says that not believing in Islam is like being beneath the sea, covered by multiple layers of darkness consisting of a wave above a wave and above that clouds, so that you can almost (yakad in Arabic) not see your hand.
A wave above a wave could mean a breaking wave.
It is far-fetched to interpret this verse as predicting that modern scientists in the deep dark sea (where you would not be able to see your hand at all) would discover waves at the boundary between an undersea current and ocean water with a different density.

Image by NASA, via Wikimedia Commons.
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